EVMS Department Residency Program Coordinator in Norfolk, Virginia

Assist in the administration and development of the department’s residency program, including, resident recruitment, schedule coordination and evaluations.

Assist Program Director and Associate Program Director in the day-to-day operation of the Internal Medicine Categorical, Preliminary, and Combined Geriatric/Medicine Residency Programs. Coordinate and schedule all Program Director meetings and appointments.

Maintain a working knowledge of all GME policies and procedures.

Maintain membership and participation in the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) with respect to Program Administrators. Maintain Internal Medicine Program Administrator “certification” through APDIM. Attend ongoing Faculty Development lectures.

Attend and participate in the following Residency Committees: Curriculum Committee, Residency Work Group Committee, Clinical Competency Committee, Program Administrators Committee and Promotions and Evaluations Committee, as well as take and record minutes for these meetings. Evaluate current program policies and suggest improvements.


Supervise and coordinate all aspects of our ACGME RRC Accreditation Site Visit of the Next Accreditation System. Enter all data into the data system and submit the same prior to the deadline. Make arrangements for the site visit with regards to scheduling meetings between the Site Visitor, Faculty, and Residents. Organize and prepare all information to be available to the Site Visitor.


Supervise and Coordinate all aspects of our residents’ “Away Rotations” to include completion and approval of application form by Residency Director, GME Associate Dean, and Risk Management Officer. Provide application forms to appropriate supervising physician(s) for the away rotation and follow up to ensure timely return of application. Notify appropriate clinics of residents’ absence for the month due to away rotations. Advise resident of travel advisories if away rotation is out of the country.

Work with Internal Medicine Chief Residents to coordinate changes/cancellation in schedules as a result of ICU rotations, post-call, vacations, educational leave and various courses etc. Provide timely notification to the various rotations of the residents’ absences due to the above.

Coordinate all aspects of the Internal Medicine Core Didactic Lectures and the Intern Survival Lecture Series to include confirmation of speakers, obtaining, preparing and distributing schedules, assisting with materials such as slides, handouts, forms for attendance and evaluation of the speakers and the sending out of thank you letters to speakers.

Serve as Chief Proctor for the ACP Intraining Examination, order exams, maintain confidentiality of exams and answer sheets; ensure the packing and mailing of all exams, answer sheets and other test material to the NBME for grading of exams. Schedule residents to take exams on the designated days. Reserve testing rooms, take attendance, and record results in all personnel files and systems such as New Innovations. Make sure all appropriate attending physicians, rotations and clinics are notified of the residents’ absences due to the exam.

Prepare and submit all aspects of ACP abstracts for our residents as required by our department. Assist with arrangements for all state and national presentations by our residents.


Utilize the ERAS system and appropriate filters to aid in the selection of applicants for recruitment. Invite applicants to interview with the program, and schedule all aspects of the interview. Coordinate arrangements for the candidates and prepare itineraries including a facility tour and personal interviews.

Annually update the applicant information packets as well as the details for the Chiefs’ presentation.

Assemble and organize relevant ERAS applicant data and distribute to interviewers prior to the interview. Maintain accurate records to include the number of applicants invited and scheduled for interview and pertinent interview statistics needed by the program directors.


Maintain the residents’ personnel files to include procedure documentation, coordinating the distribution of the monthly evaluations on the residents, the faculty, and on the particular rotations. Annually calculate the residents and faculty’s competency based averages for the year utilizing reports from “New Innovations”. Coordinate the scheduling and documentation of all residents’ biannual and end-of-year meetings with the Program Director and Associate Program Director. Prepare, distribute and collect all annual program evaluations. Maintain residents’ “portfolio” information to include presentations, committee participation, and other “kudos”.

Prepare the Clinical Competency Committee and Promotion and Evaluation Committee’s letters for each resident, make copies for filing and ensure the residents receive their letters on a monthly basis. Assist in the remediation process for residents to include reviewing and printing remediation letters, have a presence in remediation meetings, recording of minutes, document and maintain all remediation paperwork. Maintain a working knowledge of all GME policies and procedures to include notification, academic remediation and probation of residents.

Assist all residents in our program with USMLE paperwork, loan deferments, applying for state licensures, DEA licensure, hospital privileges, Board examinations etc. Assist residents with visa issues, ECFMG paperwork and maintain a working knowledge of visa and ECFMG requirements. Ensure that all residents maintain their certification on all online courses to include the VAMC Cyber Security, Privacy, and Leaners’ Perception Survey. Assist residents in completing their VA paperwork and ensure paperwork gets to the appropriate person/department at the VA. Monitor online AMA modules, HIPPA and CITI training, and OSHA for all residents and maintain documentation in personnel files. Follow-up to ensure all residents remain current.

Schedule, maintain, and monitor ACLS certification and recertification for all residents in our program, to include paperwork for payment.

Supervise and coordinate all aspects of credentialing for current graduating and all prior graduates from our Categorical, Preliminary, and Geriatric/Medicine residents.


Maintain an updated database of contact information on Internal Medicine graduates as well as current residents.

Utilize and keep current with updates and changes within an updated working knowledge of the ABIM tracking survey, the AMA Frieda GME Census, and the ACGME Web Ads survey and input all information in these website reports on an annual basis. Assist in the preparation of the departmental annual report.

Utilize New Innovations software for electronic documentation of the residents’ procedures, evaluations, duty hours, and personnel data as well as the new evaluation tool for assessing the residents’ milestones as required by the ACGME. Create sessions and matches for all evaluations for our residents, as well as for residents from Emergency Medicine, OB/GYN, Family Practice, Psychiatry, and the Navy and submit copies to the appropriate departments. Repeat the same process for evaluations to be completed by residents on attending physicians, peers and rotations. Maintain and update electronic files and run reports on procedures, evaluations etc. Ensure all paperwork from the outside departments is received and current for their rotations with our program. Train other coordinators on the use of New Innovations software.


Adhere to the approved residency spending budget. Prioritize spending based on available funding. Review and monitor expenditures monthly in order to understand, explain and justify any variance amongst categories.

Prepare and submit for approval, paperwork for travel and requisitions for reimbursements or payments.

Maintain spreadsheet to keep track of all residents’ expenses from their educational allowance.

Calculate all residents’ hours worked at the VAMC on a monthly basis and submit report to Business Management to ensure proper payment by the VAMC to EVMS for residents’ time spent at the VA. Maintain all of these reports on Excel spreadsheets.

Maintain our annual “Billing Schedule” and in the method required by the Business Management Office. Submit changes as needed.

Ensure our annual block rotation and vacation schedules are sent to attendings and appropriate staff for all rotations and follow-up with any changes.


Supervise and Coordinate all aspects of Research Day. This includes slides, posters for presentations, programs, notifications, invitations, etc. Schedule judges, location for presentations, audio visual services and photographer for annual Faculty and Resident group picture.

Supervise and coordinate all aspects of Graduation to include the ordering of “diplomas”, location for graduation, confirm caterer, menu, decorations, invitations, order graduation gifts, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Maintain mailing list database.

Assist in orientation of and welcoming party for new housestaff. Supervise and coordinate all aspects of our residency-sponsored social events.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Bachelor's degree in related field and 3 years of relevant experience in the field of education.


Position Number: 3019433

External Company Name: Eastern Virginia Medical School

External Company URL: www.evms.edu